Mortality amongst residents of nursing and residential homes in Northern Ireland.

It is generally recognised throughout the caring services that mortality is a rather extreme, but vital component of monitoring the quality of care. Mortality statistics are now routinely scrutinized in many branches of the health and social services; examples include the enquiries following maternal deaths stillbirths and deaths of infants in the first year of life; the reporting and analysis of post-operative mortality rates, and the post-Shipman surveillance of patient mortality rates amongst GPs. This research proposes to examine variation in mortality amongst the residents of nursing and residential homes of Northern Ireland.



McCann M. Investigating mortality in nursing and residential homes for older people. MSc Thesis. Queen’s University Belfast 2008.

Research Team: Dermot O’Reilly, Michael Rosato, Mark McCann and Chris Cardwell
Database: NIMS
Project Status: Complete
Organisation(s): Queen’s University Belfast