Non Academic Organisations

If you are a non-academic organisation and are interested in using the NILS for research which could benefit public interest and/or inform policy, we would love to hear from you.

We would envisage two possible pathways for you to be involved in NILS research:

1. As a named partner, you would be involved in all aspects of the project from development, through analysis and dissemination. This would involve the named person in your organisation becoming an accredited researcher which would enable them to analyse the data in the secure setting in Colby House. They would also be able to see both intermediary and final approved outputs. 

2.  As an external stakeholder, you could be involved in the project design and development and the dissemination pathways at the end of the project when final outputs have been approved. You would not be able to enter the safe setting in Colby House to access the data directly, nor would you be able to see intermediary outputs.

Please also have a look at our previous and ongoing projects as there may be something similar already happening.