The potential of NI Longitudinal Study for COVID research

On Tues 14th September 2021, we had our first seminar hosted by ARK on Covid-related research potential using the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study. It was an informative session and really useful to hear from perspectives outside of academia and to get a sense of relevant data availability and feasibility of projects.

We also thank our panel members who added greatly to the discussion and were on hand to answer a range of questions.

Estelle Lowry, QUB

Nicola Armstrong, Public Health Agency

Joanne Cartland, The Executive Office

Catherine McLoughlin & Nichola McCullough, NISRA

Alan Harbinson, Honest Broker Service

Jane Holmes, Covid Recovery Team, The Executive Office

You can find a recording of the webinar here, a summary of the Covid-related projects discussed during the session and a list of useful resources.

In addition, one very valid suggestion from an audience member was in relation to organising working groups around a specific theme with relevant stakeholders to come up with the best way to tackle a particular issue in terms of producing evidence which can have real impact. Even if you did not attend the workshop, but are interested in doing any of these working groups can you please send me a quick email ( to state your interest and I will try to facilitate this in the coming months.