UK LS Annual Conference

This year saw the first annual UK Census Longitudinal Studies Conference held at Queen’s University Belfast. The event ran over two days; 8th-9th April 2019. The first day featured a programme including a variety of speakers and presentations from each of the UK longitudinal studies and the second day comprised three workshops ran in parallel.

Purpose and Scope

  • To bring together the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS), Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS), and Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS) for England and Wales, all based on the census, to explore their research power and develop their user base.
  • The first days aims to focus on how the studies have been used and their special contribution to the UK’s population data landscape, and will consider the potential for comparative cross-UK research.
  • The schedule for the second day gives a choice of three workshops: the first on SRT, the second on the collective intelligence approach to impactful research, and the third on the NILS small grant research scheme.